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Back to School with Ridgways

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Frequently Asked Questions

Back to School has always been our busiest time of the year, this is because we all want to get our children a new pair of shoes for school, but we don't want to get them too soon in case they grow out of them too early- hence this "Back to School" period.
This is a perfectly rational decision, and as such a lot of other parents have the same thoughts, but by checking out this brand new webpage of ours you will jump that extra distance ahead of the rest!

One thing we can't stess enough is how busy it can get during the prime hours of the day, this may result in a waiting line to be served.
And, as with most crowded areas, it can be quite loud!

We have 1 floor accessible by the customer which is split into 3 sections: Men's, Children's & Ladies.

Our members of staff are assigned seats of which they will direct those that they're serving to sit at, these can be on any of the three sections but regardless of which section you're in you will be getting the shoes that you're here for!

Between the hours of 11:00am and 03:00pm is when we tend to have our highest volume of customers.

So for a slightly quieter and more relaxed shopping experience, we would definitely recommend visiting us before or after these times.
We will be open at 09:00am and close at 05:30pm Monday-Saturday as per our normal hours.

  • You can use our website to look up what style(s) of shoe that you would like to try and when you come in to our store you can tell your serving member of staff the name of the shoe(s) you are interested in so that they know exactly what style(s) you have in mind.
    (Screenshots or written documents could help you to remember them which helps us with retrieving them!)

  • If you look at the bottom of this webpage you will see a banner leading to a new form that is currently under development, whilst it's not yet in the place we want it to be ultimately it is in a working state that you could definitely take advantage of.
    Just be sure to use it at least 1 working day before you visit us to give us time to find you your perfect shoe(s)

  • Our more popular styles can practically fly out of our store, on your day of arrival we would recommend having multiple styles of shoe you are interested in, in case we no longer have your favourite in stock.

  • All of our staff have received mettlesome training with regular refresher training so as to best be able to serve young children, accomodating the fact that children can be shy or hyper-energetic and they can decide whether a shoe fits them or not depending on if they like how it looks! Alongside this we also know how to fit a shoe to properly support a little foot's future growth.

  • Orthotics are defined as an artificial support or brace for the limbs or spine, these orthotics can be found in certain styles of shoes and other styles can be supplemented with external orthotics. A number of our staff have gone through the extensive training to make sure your needs are met and your limbs are as happy as your feet!

  • We're proud to say that we are autism-friendly, what with our newly developed quiet room that provides our customers a spot of tranquility alongside our most kindhearted staff who have been extensively trained to be autism-friendly.

Introducing our new autism-friendly Quiet Room:

Does your child need a calm and/or quiet space whilst you shop for any reason?
Well you'll be just fine shopping with us, as we have recently renovated one of our rooms into an autism-friendly quiet room that is tucked away from the hustle & bustle of our shop floor!
Equipped with a CD/Radio-player that can play calming music and white noise soundtracks (But you can bring in your own CD if you need to!)

Even better: There are no appointments necessary, walk-ins are totally acceptable! Just approach one of our friendly members of staff and let them know you'd like to use our quiet room!
Although if you do send us an email in advance with the time you will be shopping with us we can keep the room available for you!

You can email us to make a booking or just for further enquiries at: 

Unfortunately this room is not wheelchair or pushchair accessible. We apologise for the inconvenience.
Be aware that there may be some congestion so we would recommend coming in during our quieter hours.

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