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FitFlop™ sandals were first created back in 2007, after Dr David Cook and Darren James – both biomechanists – collaborated
with Marcia Kilgore (businesswoman and busy mum)
to create the world's first muscle-activating flip flop.

Over 20 Million pairs of sandals, clogs, sneakers, shoes and boots as been sold so far!

FitFlop footwear features a patent-pending Microwobbleboard™ midsole which can help increase the time that your muscles
are engaged every single time you take a step.
Case studies conducted by biomechanists at the Human Performance Centre,
London South Bank University, show that wearing FitFlop™ footwear can:

        - Increase bottom muscle activation (up to 30% longer)
        - Increase hamstring muscle activation (up to 16% longer)
        - Reduce knee joint stress (up to 20%)
        - Reduce hip joint stress (up to 8%)
        - Reduce ankle joint force (up to 11%)


Results of a study conducted by Salford University – comparing a foot in a FitFlop sandal to a foot wearing a control shoe – showed
average reductions in the overall pressure-loading rate* (-25%), pressure in the toes (-30%) and pressure in the heels (-15%).
An average 8% increase in contact area between the foot and the midsole was observed in FitFlop wearers with the increase
manifesting mainly under the arch area.
*The speed at which you apply forces to the body.

Data was collected on 20 healthy female subjects using the Medilogic in-shoe pressure system.
Each subject walked wearing pressure insoles in FitFlop sandals and a high-street flat pump.