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Fitting your child's feet with Clarks


That perfect fit

At Ridgways Shoes we are really passionate about the importance of properly fitting shoes. 

We are proud to work with Clarks to provide your child with the best fitting shoes whether you shop in-store or online and offer a choice of ways in which you can ensure the best fit for your child.
Visit our store to have your child's feet measured by trained experts who will then find the best fit from our range of whole sizes, half sizes and widths.
You can come in at any time during our working hours or phone us for advice on 01626353156.

To measure your own child's feet at home, simply use Clarks' specially developed home measuring and fitting kit shown below. 

STEP 1 - Buy a Gauge

Choose the gauge that is right for your child’s stage of development. These can be bought from Clarks either instore or online.

With the infant gauge at: https://www.clarks.co.uk/c/Toddler-Gauge/p/203524220000

And the junior's at: https://www.clarks.co.uk/c/Junior-Gauge/p/203524200000
Available Fitting Gauges

STEP 2 - How to measure

After receiving the foot gauge you can then move onto the next step.
Ensure your child is wearing socks you intend them to wear with the new shoes, then place their foot on the guage and then measure the size and width of your child’s feet.

Instructions on how to do this can be found here
How to use the guages

STEP 3 - Size calculator

Take the measurements that you recorded from your fit check using the foot gauge and import them onto Clarks’ online size calculator.  (Found under step 2!)
This calculator will do all the work for you, and after calculating you will have all the information you need to shop online for home delivery or in-store collection! 
How to use the calculator

STEP 4 - Checking the fit

If you are going to be collecting your shoes in-store then a trained fitter will be able to carry out a full and professional fit check to ensure that you will get the perfect fit from these shoes.
If you've decided on having your shoes arrive at your door instead then you can use  this video  to help you do a fit check at home, just to ensure that the shoes you have bought will be both comfortable and not a bane on the natural growth of your child's feet.
Doing a fit check